February 28, 2020

Annie's Sphynx is very excited to announce that we have two new litters of beautiful Sphynx Kittens!!

Fortuna and Henry had three gorgeous babies on January 28th and Juno and Julius had three on January 29th. The mothers and babies are doing great!

I will not be reserving kittens until after they are 4-5 weeks old. It takes a while for their colors to develop and for me to be able to determine eye color. I will be going by my waiting list once I start reserving kittens. I have a lot of people who have been patiently waiting on their kittens. I am planning on more litters this year. I only have 2-3 litters at a time so that I can ensure that I have the time to take care of mothers and their kittens. My goal as a breeder is not quantity but quality. I want all of my kittens to be happy, healthy, and get lots of love and affection.

Juno and her babies on the day they were born

Fortuna's babies just a few moments old


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