June 9, 2020

SilverBell and Kittens

Ever wondered how we keep an eye on all of our cats and kittens when we're not there? This is it! Click to see one of our current litters enjoying some play time while mom supervises. We have an extensive camera system in which we are able to watch each enclosure in real time! This allows us to ensure all cats are safe and well while giving us peace of mind.

Once a kitten is reserved, we provide video access to the enclosure in which your kitten dwells so that you are able to interact with them LIVE. Watch them play, eat, and sleep any time you desire! This helps you feel connected to your kitten as they grow until we are able to release them into your care. So much fun! 

Connect with us on Facebook for more pictures and videos of our Sphynx adventures! 


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