July 21, 2021

Welcome to our Empty Nest

It's official! We're empty nesters, but not for long! The remaining kittens from Fortuna and Bagheera's most recent litter just went to their loving, forever homes. It's no surprise to say that we always miss our little buddies. Stay tuned as we will quickly be welcoming Poppi Rae's very first litter! As a new Queen, Poppi is expected to give birth to our Henry's last proposed litter as Sire, as he prepares for retirement.

We have spent much of our time caring for kittens, nursing fosters for a friend, updating the cattery, and many other events in between. We're still functioning and working hard although we've been quiet on our social platforms. We have three wonderful ladies working diligently to ensure all of our cats receive the best care and remain happy and HEALTHY! As you may see, we have made the recent decision to increase our prices as a result of the increasing cost of food and supplies amidst the recent pandemic. Kitten prices will now begin at $2,000 and increase to $2,200 for solid colors. A $500 deposit is required upon reservation. Please continue to read for more information about our purchasing process.

Sphynx cats have become a truly coveted and loved household pet in recent years and have increasingly become a popular breed. There are many factors which go into how our purchase process flows, and we take our breeding program very seriously as our Sphynx cats are truly part of the family here at Annie’s. We take pride in providing the best care possible and give each Queen adequate amount of recovery time between litters. We greatly appreciate your patience as we work towards providing each applicant with a kitten as soon as possible while health and safety remains our top priority.

Please review our purchase process and let us know if you have any questions. We are happy to help and want to make this experience as pleasurable as possible!  If you are interested in purchasing one of our future kittens, please don’t delay! By completing our Kitten Purchase Application, you will be placed on our current waiting list and contacted once kittens become available for reservation. Kittens are not made available for reservation until reaching an appropriate viable age, approximately four weeks of age or whenever we deem acceptable.

Annie’s Sphynx Cattery Purchase Process

Please complete our Kitten Purchase Application. You will be placed on our waiting list and contacted once kittens become available for reservation. Once you are contacted regarding kitten availability, we will begin the selection process in which we will allow you to choose your kitten from available litter(s) in the order your application was received. If you are not happy with the current selection, you may wait until the next available litter to choose a kitten. Please note that the waiting times can vary depending on when litters are expected.

Once your kitten has been selected, we require a $500 deposit upon reservation which goes towards the total purchase price. Kitten purchase pricing beings at $2,000 and varies upon color. Payment is due in full two weeks prior to pick up if using a check, and on pick up date if using cash or PayPal. We are not responsible for any fees associated with PayPal. We do not accept any form of credit card. No holds. Deposits will not be accepted until kittens become available for reservation.

We will provide you with instant access to 24-hour video footage of the enclosure in which your kitten resides so you may watch him/her grow and interact with siblings until he/she is able to be released into your care. Kittens will remain in Annie’s care until approximately 14-16 weeks of age. We will not be selling breeding rights at this time. All kittens will be spayed or neutered at approximately 12-14 weeks of age and will remain in Annie’s care for two weeks post-surgery. No exceptions will be made. Pick up times may be scheduled once surgery dates are secured.

We do not ship kittens. If you are unable to travel to Bristol, Tennessee to pick up your kitten, we are happy to help reserve a courier service in which someone will travel with your kitten to your destination. We are not responsible for associated travel fees.

All kittens are provided with papers and come with a one-year health guarantee. All Queens and Sires are tested for HCM annually. Each litter is tested for FIV/FeLV. All kittens are given a comprehensive examination and receive all age-appropriate vaccinations and deworming medication leading up to their release. Surgery and well-visits are included in purchase price.

Please reach out by email for any questions you may have. We are happy to help! Check us out on Facebook or navigate through our website and blog posts for fun Sphynx facts and information.

Thank you for your interest in Annie’s!




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