September 10, 2020

Where Are They Now?

Let's check in on another beauty from Fortuna's latest litter, born in April of 2020. Meet Princess Fiona! Fiona lives with her mom and two doggy brothers, Doug (6 year old Golden Retriever/Lab mix) and Seamus (4 year old Italian Greyhound/Beagle mix). We were thrilled to hear she is thriving with the companionship of these two furballs! She LOVES playing tag with Seamus. Fiona is one of the most naked cats to come from Annie's, with virtually no hair except some slight peach fuzz on her nose, and only a few whiskers. She was born the smallest of her litter and had to be tube fed and monitored closely, but ultimately ended up being a happy, healthy kitten. She graduated from Annie's with being one of the biggest kittens from her litter, and the feistiest! She has a huge appetite for food and for life! Now at around five months old, she has settled nicely into her loving home in Suffolk, Virginia.


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