November 24, 2020

Where Are They Now?

We recently got an update on one of our girls from Fortuna's litter born this past April. Folks, meet Pixie! Pixie lives in Maryland with her wonderful family. This girl rules the house! Hearing about her unique personality was a real treat. Pixie has a thing about the doors throughout her house being open or shut. She goes through shutting the doors or meowing for someone to open them! How funny is that? The guest bed has been claimed by her toys and snuggle sacks and she is very adamant that it stays that way. Sphynx are funny about letting you know what they want! She also has found a playground out of the fireplace and demands to be bathed once she's all dirty. Baths are a Pixie favorite! She gets her family's attention by doing the notorious shoulder perch. Sounds like Pixie has her place all figured out and has her family wrapped around her finger....I mean, paw! Thanks for the update, dad! 


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