December 10, 2020

Where Are They Now?

Greetings! We recently checked in on one of Annie's former Queens, Nila Rose! Sadly, Nila wasn't able to produce any kittens, so Annie made the decision to retire her as a breeder. Nila fits in perfectly with her new mom and all EIGHT of her adorable siblings, including three dogs and FIVE other Sphynx cats! Nila Rose is a total princess according to her mom, but that's no surprise considering her outstanding personality was something we absolutely adored about her while she was at Annie's. We truly miss her, but we're thrilled that she is seemingly right where she belongs.

Portrait of Nila Rose - Lindsay Riesenman
My name is: Nila RoseMy nickname: Nila, NiNi, RoRo, NiNi Ro
My age is: 2 years
My favorite food: EVERYTHING, especially when I can steal it right out of your plate or hands. I will also come when you shake the treat bag.
Best friend: Everyone but mostly mom
My biggest fear: Not being able to cuddle with mom in a heated bed or not having an audience to show off to.
My favorite thing to do: Sleep & eat... and run on the cat wheel
Where do I sleep: First one in bed and last to get out! I like to sleep with mom in her bed!
Do I love car rides: Yes! All day every day if possible
Do I snore: Nope
My job: The small spoon and hand warmers.
My siblings:
Dogs- Teddy, Bruce, Watson
Cats (all naked)- Frida, Thomas, Selwyn, Minnie, Myshka
"Nila is all regal and a total princess! She owns the room when she walks in and can move dogs and humans like the Red Sea. She will make her presence known by her demanding squeaks and has no problem telling you what is what. If mom forgets to feed her in a timely manner, oh boy will she hear an earful! When people come to visit, she will call them over to her cat wheel because she will only perform with an audience (pictures and videos are required). When she's not wreaking havoc with her naked siblings or sleeping, she will harass the big 50lbs+ dogs to move out of her way so she can fire-bathe in front of the fireplace. She is an escape artist when it's warm out and will try to get out the back door (privacy fenced in yard) to sunbathe and cause mom a heart attack because sunburn is real. Luckily she's not hard to catch since she's normally allowed to sit with mom under the shade on the deck. She's really mom's shadow and has the biggest and sweetest personality." - Katherine (Nila's mom)

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