Our Sphynx Queens + Sires


Supreme Grand Champion
Yoruba Cattery Julius of Annie's

Julius is a lilac and white colored Sphynx with green/yellow eyes. He is the largest and most playful of our cats. He came to us from South America and is a TICA Supreme Grand Champion. Julius is very loving; he just loves to share affection. His new love is running on his cat exercise wheel.


Bare Babies Henry Squeaker of Annie's

Henry is a black and white Harlequin with yellow eyes. He is a very muscular and handsome boy. He came to us from Kentucky and is a TICA Show Champion. Henry is the oldest of our cats. He is quiet and shy, but loves to be petted and played with.


Merloni Silver Bell

Silver Bell is a chocolate and white tortie with blue eyes. She too is a TICA show Champion. Silver Bell came to us from Russia and her personality makes her standout as she purrs constantly. She is one of our most affectionate and loving cats.


Yoruba Cattery Oh Fortuna of Annie's

Fortuna is a chocolate and white tortie with yellow eyes. She came to us from South America. She is silly, fun loving, and loves to dominate the cat exercise wheel. She likes to talk to you, lay on your shoulder and loves to be held.